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When I called "Showcase Estate Sales" I thought that I was going to get some kind of usual slick talk about how they would do things for me and I did not have to worry.  Considering that I live out of the country now and had absolutely no control over my own house at this point, I was "prepared for the worst".  Diane and Showcase were the exact opposite!  Professional, organized, and experienced, is an underestimate for sure.  I was a difficult client.  A very difficult client.  She was working with me strictly through email and long distance phone conversations.  This company came in and exceeded all expectations.  I was watching her progress at my home via the internet, which I could track via her pictures and constant updates.  My house was organized and ready to go.  There were people waiting at our door at 7 am on Saturday and the flow did not stop until Sunday afternoon.  She gave me a detailed list of everything that was there before the sale and a detailed after sale list of all the items sold.  They saved me so much time and heartache of having to do it myself.  I have very rarely given anyone a major high five...but Diane and Showcase...My Heroes!

Christine E., Mexico

The Showcase Estate Liquidators team stood out from the crowd from the very beginning of our communications in their sincerity, knowledge of the market and process, and trustworthiness.  When my mother passed, I hadn't a clue how to pursue handling all the items she left behind.  Showcase representatives Diane and Cheryl made me feel very comfortable and taken care of even though I was hundreds of miles away.  I am greatly impressed with their work and thankful to have experienced their services.  My mother would be proud.

 Matt G., Austin, TX

When we spoke before we setup the estate sale, one of the things that impressed me was the fact that you would enter the inventory on the computer to account for all the items.  It was important to me to have the spread sheet since I am the one that needs to report to my siblings.  I heard how professional and efficient you and your staff handled the event.  Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into helping my mother.  Knowing that you were taking care of business certainly brought me peace of mind.

Gwen M., Santa Cruz, CA

I thought that my being out of state would be problematic to coordinate everything.  Keeping me informed by email and phone was very efficient.  The pictures that you posted on your website made me feel like I was right there - but without all the stress.  The inventory that you provided was very detailed and professional.  Please feel free to use this letter as a reference to your potential clients.  My recommendation could not be higher.  Your clients will be very pleased with the results and the compassion with which you operate your business.

Lori L., CT

I was extremely satisfied with Showcase Estate Sales.  They were very professional and meticulous in preparing my home for the sale, paying particular attention to details such as making up little venues for display in every room of the house, putting delicate items in packing as needed, etc.  Made it seem like you were going into a specialty boutique.  They handled everything with such efficiency that it was praised by my neighbors as well!  Would definitely recommend them to anyone without question!

Mary R., Charlotte, NC

Thank you for the awesome job you did on handling my sale.  Everything looked great, was clean and set up very well.  No wonder the final outcome was better than I expected!  You handled everything in a very professional manner and the people that worked with you were polite and very helpful.  The final report and accounting that you gave me was great.  I was able to look at each item and know what it sold for which helped me very much.

Jeannette M., Winter Springs, FL

I have had the immense pleasure of referring Showcase Estate Liquidators for several of their sales.  I immediately was impressed with Diane's work-ethic, integrity and professionalism.  The entire Showcase staff is deeply committed to providing a discreet, compassionate service to their clients.  It has been evident that Diane becomes a trusted adviser and friend to her clients.  She opens her heart to them, as they open their homes to her and Showcase in a time of great transition.  The sales are extremely organized, the staff is very friendly and courteous to the buyers and lasting friendships are always made.  I strongly recommend Showcase Estate Liquidators.

Regina V., Orlando, FL

Please let your potential clients know that we were happy with Showcase Estate Liquidators.  You and your assistants worked very efficiently to get our house ready for the estate sale.  When we weren't home we knew everything was in good hands, which was a great relief!

Kim M., Winter Garden, FL

I was truly amazed at how little was left over.  I cannot thank you enough for being so terrific about everything.  You were quick, efficient, and handled things with care.  I truly appreciate all your hard work!

Bill L., Concord, NC